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Publisher: ETH Zürich, Archiv für Zeitgeschichte

Jahresbericht. ETH Zürich, Archiv für Zeitgeschichte. http://dx.doi.org/10.3929/ethz-a-001858223

Document Type: Journals and Annuals  
Documents: 1999-2000 (1.33MB) , 2001 (4.71MB) , 2002 (2.48MB) , 2003 (7.87MB) , 2004 (1.38MB) , 2005-2006 (8.92MB) , 2007 (1.82MB) , 2008 (6.64MB) , 2009 (958.48KB) , 2010 (5.06MB) , 2011 (5.68MB) , 2012 (3.91MB) , 2013 (7.61MB) , 2014 (1.13MB)
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Title Jahresbericht
Corporate Author Archiv für Zeitgeschichte (Zürich)
Publication Place Zürich
Publisher ETH Zürich, Archiv für Zeitgeschichte
Varying Title Jahresbericht des Archivs für Zeitgeschichte
Tätigkeitsbericht / Archiv für Zeitgeschichte
Language German
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.3929/ethz-a-001858223
Subject(s) History and Archaeology
Keyword(s) HISTORY
Organisational Unit ETH Zurich
Online Publication Date 2012
Description File Name MIME Type Size
1999-2000   eth-5803-01.pdf application/pdf 1.33MB
2001   eth-5803-02.pdf application/pdf 4.71MB
2002   eth-5803-03.pdf application/pdf 2.48MB
2003   eth-5803-04.pdf application/pdf 7.87MB
2004   eth-5803-05.pdf application/pdf 1.38MB
2005-2006   eth-5803-06.pdf application/pdf 8.92MB
2007   eth-5803-07.pdf application/pdf 1.82MB
2008   eth-5803-08.pdf application/pdf 6.64MB
2009   eth-5803-09.pdf application/pdf 958.48KB
2010   eth-5803-10.pdf application/pdf 5.06MB
2011   eth-5803-11.pdf application/pdf 5.68MB
2012   eth-5803-12.pdf application/pdf 3.91MB
2013   eth-5803-13.pdf application/pdf 7.61MB
2014   eth-5803-14.pdf application/pdf 1.13MB
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