Totalsynthese von prostaglandinähnlichen Verbindungen

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Author(s): Hoffmann, Henri
Publisher: Juris

Hoffmann, Henri. Totalsynthese von prostaglandinähnlichen Verbindungen. Juris (1968).

Document Type: Doctoral and Habilitation Theses  
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Title Totalsynthese von prostaglandinähnlichen Verbindungen
Author(s) Hoffmann, Henri
Publication Place Zürich
Publisher Juris
Publication Date 1968
Notes Diss. Techn.Wiss. ETH Zürich, Nr. 4188, 1968. Ref.: Hardegger, E. ; Korref.: Arigoni, D.
Language German
Subject(s) Organic Chemistry and Fullerenes
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Abstract   eth-34408-01.pdf application/pdf 63.89KB
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