Metadaten - multimedial?

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Author(s): Timpf, Sabine, Frank, Andrew U.
Publisher: Technical University of Vienna, Department for Geoinformation

Timpf, Sabine and Frank, Andrew U.. Metadaten - multimedial?. Technical University of Vienna, Department for Geoinformation (1997).

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Title Metadaten - multimedial?
Author(s) Timpf, Sabine
Frank, Andrew U.
Publication Place Vienna
Publisher Technical University of Vienna, Department for Geoinformation
Publication Date 1997
Notes Angewandte Geographische Informationsverarbeitung IX (AGIT), Salzburg, 1997, im Tagunsband ed. F. Dollinger und J. Strobl, Institut für Geographie, Universität Salzburg, S. 163-172
Language English
Subject(s) Geodesy, Geomatics, Cartography, Remote Sensing
Organisational Unit ETH-extern
Online Publication Date 2002
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Text   eth-25474-01.pdf application/pdf 262.37KB
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