Debriefing mediators to learn from their experiences

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Author(s): Mason, Simon Jonas Augusto, Siegfried, Matthias
Publisher: United States Institute of Peace

Mason, Simon Jonas Augusto and Siegfried, Matthias. Debriefing mediators to learn from their experiences. United States Institute of Peace (2010).

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Title Debriefing mediators to learn from their experiences
Abstract/Summary The goal of this handbook is to enhance the practice of mediation by showing how lessons from individual mediators can be identified and made available both to their home organization (e.g., a foreign ministry, intergovernmental organization, or nongovernmental organization) and to a wider practitioner audience. More particularly, the handbook gives guidance to staff debriefing mediators who are or have been directly involved in peace negotiations. The focus here is not on self-assessments by the mediators themselves, nor on evaluations of the mediator's performance by external donors, nor on political or psychological debriefing. Instead, this handbook examines methodological debriefing: that is, interviews conducted with the goal of learning lessons about the mediation method from the experience of a specific mediator that are useful for future mediation processes. Methodological debriefing is typically conducted by individuals who have not been directly involved in the mediator's work and who do not seek to judge it but who want to learn the mediator's perspective on what was done and why it was done. Ideally, the mediator will also benefit from the interview by discovering something new through the questions posed, by having the opportunity to recount a challenging experience, or at least by having her or his experiences documented in a structured and objective manner
Author(s) Mason, Simon Jonas Augusto
Siegfried, Matthias
Corporate Author United States Institute of Peace
Publication Place Washington, D.C
Publisher United States Institute of Peace
Publication Date 2010
Notes Includes bibliographical references (p. 43-44)
Series Peacemaker's toolkit
Language English
ISBN 978-1-60127-052-8
Subject(s) Political Sciences
Organisational Unit Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Online Publication Date 2010
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