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151. Mass distribution in a dark matter halo

Trott, Cathryn (2003)

Conference Contributions

153. Max Waldmeier [1912-]

Waldmeier, Max (1998)


155. Microlensing towards M31

Schmid, Matthias Martin (2002)

Master and Bachelor Theses

160. Modelle für symbiotische Sterne

Vogel, Manfred (1990)

Doctoral and Habilitation Theses

161. Modelling of solar irradiance variations

Fligge, Marcel (1999)

Doctoral and Habilitation Theses

170. Neue Eigenschaften der Sonnenfleckenkurve

Waldmeier, Max (1936)

Doctoral and Habilitation Theses

171. Neutrino in astrophysics and cosmology

Dai, Zuxiang (2000)

Master and Bachelor Theses