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The ETH E-Collection is the Institutional Repository of the ETH Zurich. This service allows members of the ETH community to publish relevant scientific information open access.


Daily Snapshot

On the Approximability of Splitting-SAT in 2-CNF Horn Formulas

Böckenhauer, Hans-Joachim and Keller, Lucia (2013)


Reoptimization of the Shortest Common Superstring Problem

Bilò, Davide, Böckenhauer, Hans-Joachim, Komm, Dennis, Královic, Richard, Mömke, Tobias, Seibert, Sebastian and Zych, Anna (2011)


Steiner Tree Reoptimization in Graphs with Sharpened Triangle Inequality

Böckenhauer, Hans-Joachim, Freiermuth, Karin, Hromkovič, Juraj, Mömke, Tobias, Sprock, Andreas and Steffen, Björn Christian (2012)



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