Doctoral and Postdoctoral Theses


With effect from 1 September 2008 the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies (pdf, 197 kB) and Regulations for Postdoctoral Studies (PDF, German) were both revised. One new feature is that all doctoral and postdoctoral candidates are obliged to submit an electronic version of their theses to the ETH-Bibliothek in addition to, and identical to, the printed version. Please use the Publish function for document submission.

Authors who do not want to allow worldwide online access to their work must state this in a written waiver (PDF). To this end, please send the completed and signed form by post to the following address:

ETH Zurich
ETH E-Collection
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zurich

A number of guidelines should be borne in mind for publication:

  • General legal conditions
    The author must ensure that no third-party rights (obligation to maintain confidentiality, copyright, etc.) are infringed with the publication of his document.

    In the case of publication in the ETH E-Collection, copyright and right of use remain with the author.

    Members of ETH are encouraged, under the Open Access Policy of ETH Zurich, to retain their rights as authors (copyright, right of use) wherever possible. Second publication of a paper in the ETH E-Collection is permissible only if it is allowed in the publication agreement between the author and the publisher.

    The publicly accessible summary of the copyright regulations of major international publishers, SHERPA RoMEO, offers useful assistance. You can also contact the ETH E-Collection team with any legal queries.

  • File format

    The preferred format for documents in the ETH E-Collection is PDF or PDF/A. When creating the PDF, please ensure that the file is not subject to any security restrictions and is not password-protected. In addition, all the fonts and other sections forming part of the content (audio, graphics and video files) must be contained in the PDF.

    If you wish to submit a document in a different format, please contact the ETH E-Collection team.